Sell Stainless Steel Kitchenware

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A specialized suppliers and manufacturers of Stainless Steel Kitchenware in Taiwan. Any stainless steel products, we can make it in any size and shape. Wheel Cover, Wheel Liner, Wheel Simulator, Hub Cover, Lug Nut, Lug Nut Cover, Pup out center cap, Hub Cap, kitchenware for stainless steel products. We will do our best to maintain a good cooperative relationship with all interested customers.

Size: 22x22cm, 24x24cm, 26x26cm,28x28cm, 30x30cm,
32x32cm, 34x34cm, 36x36cm, 38x38cm, 42x42cm.

The Products Concept
The development of any enterprise relies on its system, the cultivation of its employees, absorption of new techniques, and constant improvement of its equipment's to stimulate productivity. And so the enterprise can be strong, just like a large tree growing constantly and not fearing the trials from wind and rain.
We would like to educate our members and endeavor to impart to them the spirit of respecting work in order that JENG BIH HSING ENT. Company can pass many years' trial and strive to obtain and outstanding achievement in the industrial field, thus to make contributions to society.
We are filled with confidence that the future will bring constant improvement and prosperity for all.