Sell Stainless Steel Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers

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Product name:
Stainless Steel Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Model number: wk-1-200
Place of origin: china
100% wood pulp; 1/4 fold;
Size: 14-17 gms
Packing: 5000pcs/bag 25bag/carton
Steel and nickel plated need to custom-tailor.

Product features :
1. This product adopts the cotton oar the toilet paper to reunite but, pass by the heat the disinfection, and have the softness

to defend to germs the function of convenience usage.
2. The product can effectively prevent the spread of various VD. skin disases. and viruses.
3. Comfortable, cold-insulative, sanitary. and safe.
4. Environment-friendly, the product is easily dissolved in water, Don't produce the garbage.
5. High quality, Competitive price.
6. We supply all OEM & ODM worldwide services.