Sell Stainless steel screws

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We manufacture, stock and sell ss fasteners. Our competitive products are as follows.
1) Stainless steel screws: self tapping/self-drilling /machine screws
2) nuts , bolts , pins, rivets, rods and washers: M3 - M72 (SUS304/316 , B8/B8M, A193/194/320)
e. g. DIN931/933/912/934/985/1587/975/125A/127/6797/6798
Stainless steel bolts, nuts, especially in big size from M24 (1) to M72 (3) and more

Machine screws, Self Tapping and Self-drilling Screws

Lifting Eye Bolts/Nuts/Eye bolts, Rivets, Washers and Pins

Threaded Rods/Studs/Bent Bolts

Socket Products with Hex/Button/Flat head

Socket Products headless and Set Screws

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