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Stainless steel shot
size available: 0.2mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,0.05mm,0.03mm
chemical composition:SUS304 C:0.08% Mn:0.9% Cr:18% Ni:9%
SUS302 C:0.08% Mn:0.9% Cr:17% Ni:4%
SUS410 C:0.10% Mn:1.2% Cr:13%
SUS430 C:0.10% Mn:1.2% Cr:15%
density :7.9g/cucm

Adopting the Drawing into wire, cutting, grinding into roundness and other procedures to make. The surface is bright, no rust, round dew form (cutting shot, column form) . It extensive applied in the surface of treatment of shot blasting, such as Cu, Al, Zn and Stainless steel workpiece etc. . it can make the surface of work piece finishing afer processed, extend metal substance and don't rust, however, needn't acid washing, the wear-resistance is 3-5 multiple to casting steel shot, . Certainly, it can reduce product manufacturer cost.

1. It is produced by cold drawn stainless steel wire, it is absolutely free from micro structural defects, like presence of hyper entectole carbides and porosity ;
2 The stainless steel shot size is stabilized due to the drawing process control ;
3. Equal hardness and excellent homogeneity because of high quality of raw materials and quality control methods ;
4. Higher durability compare to cast steel shots and steel girt ; it is 6 times as efficient as cast steel shot
5. The components peened with conditioned cut wire shots have a greater fatigue life than the same components peened with cast steel shots ;
6. Less dust during operation contribute to a better work enviroment;
7. Obviously effet on surface of parts, bright and clean ;
8. Low wastage during operation;
9. Reduce the time for shot peening and save electricity ; 10. Cut down maintenance cost of shot blasting machines and decrease production cost.
11. Durability : 6000 circles to 32000 circles .
12. High strength and non-friable, used by a wide range of machinery, chemical equipment, vessel, container, and so on.
13. What's more, stainless steel shot can store longtime but not rust.
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