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We provide stainless steel chains 1. Short pitch transmission precision roller chains /A series 2. Short pitch transmission precision roller chains /B series 3. Short pitch conveyor roller chain and attachments 4. Chains for sewage disposal/sewage treatment chain 5. Double pitch transmission chains 6. Double pitch conveyor chains 7. Double pitch conveyor roller chain attachments 8. Long pitch metric conveyor chain 9. Hollow pin chains 10. Leaf chains 11. Poly-steel chains 12. Speed plus chains(double plus chain) 13. Tunnel quick-freeze conveyor chains 14. Stainless steel conveyor chains 15. Stainless steel conveyor net
Wuxi Ehu stainless steel chain factory is one of the best stainless steel chain manufacturers of China. Because of the best quality and the lowest price, we also have been OEM for Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co. , Ltd. (large group exporting all kinds of chains) . We design new stainless steel chains every year and we can produce the exact chains you need.
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