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Plain Weave Wire Cloth is the most commonly used and simplest wire cloth weave. Each shute wire is woven alternately over and under the warp wires through the cloth at 90 degree angles. This is a very common weave that can be produced quickly and economically. It has a wide range of applications.

Twilled Weave Wire Cloth is woven by passing each shute wire alternately over and under two warp wires. This type of weave is commercially woven in items ranging from 150-635 mesh however it is also available in course and mid range mesh combinations.

Dutch Weave Wire Cloth is woven with a larger wire diameter in the warp direction and a relatively smaller wire in the shute direction. This weave has great strength and is available in wide range of micron ranges. It is primarily used to filter a wide range of liquid and slurry products.
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