Sell Static Eliminator

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Introduction :
The existance of static and anti-static technology applications are increasingly affected by social concern. Our factory production line in factory technical personnel eliminator refers to the Japanese import models, and using a special process developed carefully. Various specifications of the eliminator has stable and reliable performance, and constant power output. . At the same time we use the high-voltage output transformer oil-immersed type, completly overcome the similar products available on the market using epoxy resin and bitumen cast of high-voltage transformer easy to short-circuit, often sparking drawbacks, making the availability of fire discharge equipment can be prolonged output short-circuit .

Work :
The machine is on the work, in the discharge around the needle generate substantial positive and negtive plasma, when an object with static electricity pass through the plasma zone to produce and in response and in the static objects brought to achive the purpose of the eliminating static electricty