Sell Statistical Control Slitter & Rewinder(FZ-E-NC)

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1) Lifts, clamps and adjusts the base paper with intelligent memory machinery,
improves productivity and saves labor
2) Adopts Japanese NSK in the bearings, with perfect transmitting effect after all
transmission rollers treated by balance adjustment
3) Adopts color man-machine interface and special-purpose operating system, easy
to operate
4) Controls tension-controlling system with statistical process control without manual,
perfect slitting effect
5) Automatically slits the paper
6) Assembles the edge-guiding assembly

1) Applicable base paper width: 1600mm
2) Applicable base paper diameter: 1500mm
3) Roll paper diameter: 1500mm
4) Min slitting width: 50mm
5) Base paper clamp without shaft: 1 set (3")
6) Brake assembly: 2 sets
7) Tension advice with statistical control: 1 set
8) Main motor (Siemens' transducer) : 15kW
9) Power of knives assembly machinery: 0.75kW
10) Lift machinery of base paper: 0.75kW
11) Clamp machineries of base paper: 0.55kW (two)
12) Separate electric operating box: 1 set
13) Emergency non-separate electric operating box: 1 set
14) Sets of circular knives: 17 sets (changeable)
15) Power of edge-guiding blower: 4kW
16) Slitting speed: 350m/min