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Dear Friends,
please, review this information about our services and feel free to contact me at any time, with your questions.
INFONECTA System allows subscribers to access the most complete Foreign Trade information of USA, Latin American countries and India. Also Chinese and Russian data available. Web site is available by your choice in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This is not a B2B site.
Subscription available from 1 month up to 1 year. Also customized reports available.
Different participants of the foreign trade chain (managers, operators, analysts) often may need information in substantially diverse manners and in a varied level of availability.
For that reason INFONECTA supplies several complementary services with the purpose of satisfying the particular needs of each one. These services allow to
Identify suppliers and customers
substantially reducing the costs through a better and more precise selection of them.
Negotiate prices from a vantage position due to the knowledge or prices charged by suppliers to third parties.
Identify companies providing substitute products, both locally and internationally (including their prices) .
Analyze rival companies identifying the main participants within the market, origin or destination of products sold, prices, taxation and more.
Determine the positioning of the company face to face its competitors.
Risk assessment of credits to exporters and importers.
Study of the Balance of Trade of Goods of each country.
Analysis of foreign trade trends during a set period of time
Analysis of Agreements that provide competitive advantages.
Determine the impact of government policies Also, we are involved in trading, food, seafood and other. Strong position in South American market.
Please, contact us for more information, sample reports or other questions.

Peter Recicar