Sell Steam Cleaner DSC250

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1) Voltage: 100v~120V or 220V ~240V
2) Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
3) Power: 1,450W or 1,800W
4) Pressure: 400KPa/4Bars
5) Filling Capacity: 2,500ml
6) Time for boiling: 3~5mins (1800W)
7) Spraying duration: 60~70mins (1800W)
8) Built-in-accessory design
9) Spare parts: extension tubes 2pcs, squeegee, cloth iron brush, small round brush, floor brush, measuring cup, terry cover
10) Boiler covered by insulation layer with efficient heat preservation and thermal efficiency

By means of the steam generated by high pressure and high temperature, instead of any chemicals, the "Steam Cleaner" can complete the tasks of cleaning and sterilizing. Being innoxious and odorless, it can easily get rid of stains

Our Steam Cleaner has various accessories to go with it. So long as the proper accessories are chosen, it can do cleaning and sterilizing to almost every article in the house. While cleaning, the high-temperature steam it generates can kill the mildew. Thus, you don't need to worry about that you are surrounded by allergens any more