Sell Steam Coal at GCV 5,100KCal/Kg to GCV 5,500 KCal/Kg

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We are able to supply the above mentioned GCV of steam coal. Please look at the specifications of the coal below. If they fit your requirements, please feel free to ask for a quote.

**Please do confirm that the specifications fit your requirements.

Gross Calorific Value (adb) 5,100 - 5,500 Kcal / Kg
Total Moisture (arb) 32.96%
Inherent Moisture (adb) 17.93%
Ash Content (adb) 3.42%
Total Sulfur Content (adb) 0.17%
Volatile Matter (adb) 40.20%
Fixed carbon 38.45%
Grind Ability (HGI) 54 Index Point
Size 0 to 50 mm
Quantity: up to 120,000 mTons
Contract Period: 12 Months