Buy Steam Turbine Generator 15-25MW

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Quantity 1 Steam Turbine Generator (Extraction and Condensing) rated at900 psig 850 degrees F (or higher) inlet; HP automatic extraction for 10,000 lb/hr
215 psig; LP automatic extraction for 70,000 psig 150 psig with synchronous generator complete with electronic governor control, generator breaker and automatic synchronization, rated at 15-25 MWe at 13.8 KV, 60 Hz, including all auxiliary equipment. Auxiliaries to include water-cooler surface condenser rated at 170,000 lb/hr, condensate forwarding pumps, full instrumentation, lubricating system for steam turbine and generator complete with lube oil pumps, starters, lube oil coolers and filters, lube oil reservoir, etc. Any spare parts or additional equipment included with the STG package. Any detailed information regarding electrical switchgear, breakers, protective relaying, etc. included with the STG package.
1 Lot Other Balance of Plant Equipment- We are requesting along with the
steam turbine generator other Balance of Plant Equipment sized for the steam turbine generator above including the following:
7 Condensate Polisher
7 Deaerator
7 Water Treatment Plant
7 Raw Water Storage
7 Raw Water Forwarding Pumps
7 Boiler Feed Water Pumps
7 Cooling Tower
7 Cooling Tower Circulation pumps
7 Cooling Tower Treatment
7 GSU/SF-6 Breaker/Disconnect Switch/Measurement
7 Electrical Switch Gear
7 Electrical MCCs7 Water Well
7 STG/ Control Room/Electrical Room/ Storage Building
7 Power Plant DCS System
7 Water Treatment/Water Pump Building

Please give complete details regarding any steam turbines fitting the above description of which you are aware, including type, model number, serial number, date of manufacture, generator voltage, frequency, total operating hours, type or brand of controls, owner, location, equipment condition (If in storage, how stored? Nitrogen pad, indoors, air-conditioned environment?) , operating history (including peaking and base load operation) , existing problems or issues, last overhaul date and accompanying operating hours at last overhaul, asking price, etc.
Power Requirements
15-25 MW