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We are pleased to inform you that new availability of Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coils has been announced by our Principal (Mill)

The SS HR Coils are available in low Nickel (1%) grade as per following chemistry:-

Carbon 0.12 max
Silicon 0.75 max
Manganese 10 max
Chromium 14-16
Nickel 0.7-1.2
Phosphorous 0.07 max
Sulphur 0.03 max
Copper 1.80 max
Nitrogen 0.15 max

The availability of sizes and target price as under:-
HRAP Coils
Thickness Width Target Price (USD MT)
2.8 1220/1250 1500/MT CIF Huongpu
4.5 1220/1250 1450/MT CIF Huongpu

2.8 1220/1250 1400/MT CIF Huongpu

The width of 1220/1250 would be as per sellers choice and shipment would be during Jan/Feb 2005