Sell Steel Castings

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Casting production

Our foundry is based on modern software and hardware solutions. The computer network LAN with central server and appropriate number of work stations connected with optical cables. The program tool is ACCESS.
The factory is in possession of ISO-certificate 9001/2000 and AD-Merkblatt WO/TRD 100 certificate since October 2002.

Castings production process start in the model shop. Based on the drawing or customer's example in the model shop we make model with high precision. Materials which we use in the model production are wood, plastic or metal. Model becomes a property of the customer and could be stored in the our factory for future production or the customer keeps it in his own storage.

Steel casting productions

7 carbon steel castings
7 chemically resistant steels
7 fireproof steels
7 steels resistant to wearing
7 manganese steel castings
7 steels following buyers chemically composition

Molding Shop

Molding shop has devices for preparing sand, machines for molding : standard machines 30 and 40 for mould boxes within 1000x800xh; mould machine SPO550 for mould box 1290x840x300. On the hand molding we can make models 4000x4000xh; division for the shell casting, division for making cores as per SCHALCO and CO2 procedure etc.

Smelting works

Smelting works have one arc furnace with capacity of 4 tons and one electro-induction furnace with capacity of 2 tons with required aggregates. Heating of the molding pot is done with propane-butane gas. During the mould process we continuously make temperature control in mould and pots.

Thermal treatment

Our steel factory have two modern electric furnaces for thermal treatment : first with capacity of 10 tons and second with capacity of 5 tons; we have tanks for quenching in water and oil and machines for sandblasting of the castings with steel balls.

Quality control

In our steel factory we make quality control in our own modern equipped laboratories. In chemical laboratory we make analysis with optical spectrophotometer ARL 2460 "FISIONS". In mechanical laboratory we have : machine for impact control WPM Leipzig (testing range : 400 KN, 200, 40 KN) , Charpy machine WPP Leipzig 294 J Brinel test hardness machine, Rockwel test hardness machine, mobile test hardness machine. We also have machine for magnetic particle test and laboratory for molding mixture testing.