Sell Steel Doors and Frames

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Kulca Steel Doors is one the leading manufacturers of steel doors and frames for residential construction in Turkey . We bring you a wide choice of distinctive door styles, each of which has its own unique character and value-added features. We offer three groups of steel doors- economic, standard and premium, classified with respect to their construction features. As a pioneer in this industry, Kulca has recently introduced Kulca patented premium steel doors which provide perfect security due to their special construction.
Our steel doors are constructed of steel sheet and MDF panels with engraved patterns, which comes in many options; mahogany, rosewood, walnut, oak, antique oak and lacquered. All of our products are certified to our national standarts and also they comply with the international standarts. What makes us different in the international market is our very competitive prices with good product quality. We have many clients in Europe, Asia and Middle East whom are satisfied with our effective customer oriented services. For attractive, durable, safe and economic steel doors, we invite the interested parties to contact us.