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Ceramic Sharpening Steel will provide excellent results when re-sharpening or honing the cutting edge of your metal-based knives, scissors, and cutting tools. The super fine grit does not actually sharpen or remove any metal from the blade, but instead slightly "pushes" the metal into shape. This process either restores sharpness after some use or finishes a new sharpening effort. Sharpening Instruction:

To sharpen a knife, simply try to cut a slice off the steel, using just a little pressure.
The angle between the knife and the steel should be about 20 degrees for most German knives, and 10 degrees for most Japanese knives, like Global.
A few strokes with both sides of the knife will do the job.
Make sure you use the entire length of both the steel and the knife.
Start with the point close to the handle and end with the tip.

This hone is made from ceramic material and is breakable. Take care when handling and storing it.
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