Sell Steel Wire Shelf Welding Machine

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1. Technical Data:
1.1 Welding Range:
1. Wire Mesh Max Width: 150-2200mm;
2. Wire Mesh Max Length: 150-800mm;
3. Cross Wire Diameter: 3.0-5.0mm;
4. Frame Wire Diameter: 5.0-9.0mm;
5. Line Wire Min spacing: 30mm(Adjustable) ;
6. Cross wire Min Spacing: 10mm(Adjustable) ;
7. Number of Pieces to be Welded(at the same time) :4 pieces of shelves with welded wire;
8. Frame Size:500*800mm;
1.2 Welding Speed:
1. Machine Max Speed: 50-80Wires/Min
2. Welding One Cross Wire Time: 0.5-0.8seconds(Depends on wire diameter, excluding labor and other external factors. )
1.3 Wire Material Requirements:
1. Mild steel wire;
2. Low carbon steel wire;
3. High carbon steel wire;
4. Stainless steel(S. S. ) wire;
5. Straight;
1.4 Machine Data:
1. Transformers Quantity: 4Sets
2. Transformers Capacity: 150KVA
3. Secondary Current: 32KA
4. Secondary Voltage 5~9V
5. Cylinders Quantity: 16Sets(Single)
6. Pressure Power: 800KG
7. Electrodes Width: 90mm
8. Each Electrode is able to weld 1-2 welding intersections
1.5 Required Supply System to run the machine:
1. Power supply(3-phase) : 380V/50HZ+10%
2. Customers Transformers Capacity: 150mm2
3. Molded Case Circuit Breaker: 500A
4. Squeezed Air: 5~8kg/cm2
5. Air Consumption: 300L/min
6. Cooling Water Volume: 120L/min
2. Machine Description
2.1 Frame Feeding System:
1. Loaded in 1~4pieces of steel frame to be welded manually in the central of welding machine.
2.2 Cross Wire Feeding System:
1. Automatic cross wire loading carriage with single wire hopper for sorting , positioning and ejecting straightened, cut to length cross wires.
2.3 Steel Shelf Mesh Welding System:
1. According to the wire welding pitch, the machine can adjust cylinders, electrodes, and gripping pliers. Adjustable of each point welding time and welding current for the most proper electrode stroke and perfect use of electrode dies.
2.4 Output Device System:
1. By means of servo motor control, cross wires fed up and welded line after line until one cycle finished. Then, servo motor returns to initial point . Unloaded welded wire frame manually.
2.5 Controlling System:
1. By means of P. L. C. along with touch-off screen, all the parameters of system, and figures could be set on the screen. Besides, all abnormal signals also will show from the screen. Cross wire feeding controlled by DC servo motor; welding machine is controlled by Thyristor and micro-computer controller. connecting with P. L. C, The action process and wrong messages of the machine will be shown graphically.
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