Sell Steel wire rope

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1. 6W7 steel wire rope

Thicker internal wire, longer diminishing life, commonly used for mining rope, chairlift.

2. 6W19(a) & 6W19(b)

Widely used on bridge cranes and gantries, shop cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, shovels etc.

3. 6W37(b)

This class of rope provides the maximum flexibility with a certain resistance to curshing. It's widely used in overhead crane and areas where requires fast rope speed and layer-on-layer winding conditions.

4. 6W24

Normally zinc-coated, it's most flexible and used for shipping and fishing.

5. Wire rope for staking machine, port and harbor

6. Plastic coated wire rope

Normally used on ships, handrailing. can be made to different colours according to customer's requirements.