Sell SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine

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Model HBST2005LCD-1200*2000
Input Power Model 110V/220V 50-60 Hz
Rated Power 180W
Efficient Cutting Range X Axis : 47(1200 mm) - Y Axis :2: 78(2000 mm)
Dimensions of LCD 5.7"
Cutting Thickness( Flame ) 0.25.9(6-150mm )
Weight 156 lbs ( 70.5kg )
Type of Cutter Oxy - Fuel or Plasma
Applicable Cutting Fuel Acetyene , Propane , LPG , Gasoline
Fuel Pressure Max.14.5 PSI ( 0.1MPa )
Oxygen Pressure Max.218 PSI ( 1.5MPa )
Axis Z Manually Adjustable, Inclinable
SteelTailor portable CNC Cutting Machine can cut any complex plane figures as the large-sized gantry CNC cutting machine and support both flame torch and plasma cutter. It is affordable for all enterprises and workshops. The compact design and rational structure make it lightweight, small size and easy to move. It is applicable both indoors and outdoors.

By applying industrial controllers in its automation system and antimagnetic steel in its housing, a reliable and stable CNC operation is guaranteed.

The application of the most uptodate CNC technology allows independent programming from numerical control and reduces equipment failure and maintenance difficulty.

The integration of FastCam professional cutting sofeware makes drawing, nesting and cutting simple and efficient. The sofeware provides hight leves of material utilization & optimization.