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ME2100 Series is a PFM Step-up DC/DC converter IC with low supply current by CMOS process. High frequency noise that occurs during switching is reduced by using advanced circuit designed, output voltage is programmable in 0.1V steps between 2.0~7.0V and maximumfrequency is 100KHz(Typ. ) . A low ripple, high efficiency step-up DC/DC converter can be constructed of ME2100xxX with only three external components. Also available is a CE(chip enable) function that reducepower dissipationDuring shut-down mode. supply current.
Reference type: TOREX:XC6383 Series; SEIKO:S8321 Series; RICOH:RH5RI Series;
RICHTEK RT9261 Series.


1. Small number of external components: only an inductor, a diode and a capacitor;
2. Low ripple and low noise;
3. Operating voltage range: 0.9V~8V;
4. Output voltage range: 2.0V~7.0V(step 0.1V) ;
5. Output voltage accuracy: 12.5%;
6. Output Current: if Vin=3.0V and Vout=3.3V, thenIout=400mA;
7. Low start voltage: <=0.9V(at Iout=1mA) ;
8. Maximum oscillator frequency: 100KHz(Typ. ) ;
9. High Efficiency: 86%(Type) ;
10. PACKAGE: SOT23, SOT89.
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