Sell Sterile & Non-Sterile/Surgical/Dressings/Disposables.

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We are manufacturers For Sterile & Non-Sterile Surgical Dressings. Our Sterile items are by Gamma-Irradition (sterilisation) .
Below Stated are our regular items. Besides to the below list, we can manufacture any item, size and quantity subject to below mentioned products.
Sterile surgical Dressings Pads:
Part 1.
1)20cmx8cm:Contents:Cotton overwrapped with Gauze
2)14cmx8cm: "
4) 7cmx 5cm:"
Part 2.
Sterile Gauze Pads:
1) 5cm x 5cm : 8ply & 12ply.
2)10cm x10cm : 8ply & 12ply.
Part 3.
Sterile Disposable Mops: 25cm x25cm:(Available in all sizes & in Sterile & Non-Sterile) .
Part 4.
Sterile & Non-Sterile Absorbent Cotton Wool.
1) 20gms, 50gms,100gms,200gms,400gms & 500gms.
Part 5.
Sterile Absorbent Cotton plugs.
Each plug is indivisually packed of 1gram.
Available in 25's packing,50's packing,100'packing.
Part 6.
Gauze:All widths and lengths
Available in 90 cm x 100cm width; Length of 20mtr,50mtrs and 100mtrs. We can provide any size besides to above.
Part 7.
Our Regular sizes: are 5cm x 9mtrs for finger dressing. 10cm x 4mtrs Length : 15cm x3mtrs Length :15cm x20 Length & 30mt lengths.
Part 8.
Sterile Disposable Delivery Kit. (Dai-Kit) .
Sterile :Dai-Kit, Utilised by mid-house wives or trained nurse, when mother is giving birth to a child in interior or rural areas, this kit contains some items, which are required during that time, for the safety of mother and child.
Moreover the kit being Gamma-Irradiated, the shelf-life in regard to sterility is having in-definate subject untill unless damaged or tampered.
Part 9.
Sterile Umbilical Cotton Tape & Sterile Umbilical Cord Clamp.
Part 10.
Sterile Surgeons Wear kit/This kit is for protection coming in universal size and contains items which are disposable and the best use when
on surgery in HIV cases.
Part 11.
Sterile Polythene Bed-Sheets.
1)80cmx120cm:To keep Operation Theatre Instruments OR In intensive care Domes.
2)100cm x 150cm. To drape, Over the Theatre Strecher.
3)120cm x220cm:Best use in HIV case and to Discard.
We manufacture any size, length , width & quantity subject to have mentioned in above items.

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