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1. Make from medical papers and the thin film through the high temperature high pressure craft.
2. provide product with various specifications, antiseptic way, printing design according to the users requirement
3. uses the side explosion-proof design, guarantees the security of product.
4. may provide antiseptically changes color instruction printing.

Adapts the antiseptic way: ETO, STEAM, Co60(r stem) radiation.

Uses: Each kind of medical surgical dressing, instrument, drive pipe, cotton and kapok stick antiseptic packing.

Code Size Code Size
PP0520 50mmW200mm PP1340 130mmW400mm
PP0525 75mmW250mm PP1420 140mmW200mm
PP7515 75mmW150mm PP1520 150mmW200mm
PP7520 75mmW200mm PP1525 150mmW250mm
PP7525 75mmW250mm PP1530 150mmW300mm
PP7530 75mmW300mm PP1535 150mmW350mm
PP1011 100mmW110mm PP1540 150mmW400mm
PP1015 100mmW150mm PP2025 200mmW250mm
PP1020 100mmW200mm PP2030 200mmW300mm
PP1025 100mmW250mm PP2035 200mmW350mm
PP1030 100mmW300mm PP2040 200mmW400mm
PP1035 100mmW350mm PP2530 250mmW300mm
PP1040 100mmW400mm PP2535 250mmW350mm
PP1320 130mmW200mm PP2540 250mmW400mm
PP1325 130mmW250mm PP3025 300mmW350mm
PP1330 130mmW300mm PP3040 300mmW400mm
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