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My exclusive award winning book is unique and
different from all other books ever written.
It cantains 100 short story adventures that can
stimmulate the readers mind & heart! A random
harvest of my past & future life subjects that
will mold readers destiney forever! A rare book
work that will be cherished by book lovers. You
may order quantities of 100 books at a wholesale
price of $7.00 each B2B. List price, book stores
$16.95 to $21.00 for my award winning book!
Brand Name
Poetic Time Scrolls
Library Of Congress
Condition of Goods
8 1/2 x 11
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2 weaks
Model Number
2 nd edition
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Patents or Trademarks
ISBN 096718201-8
Terms of Payment
Warranty Coverage
.14 oz book