Sell Stevioside & Chlorophyll

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Stevioside & Stevia leaf
Steviosides is extracted from stevia leaf. The specifications are as follows:
1. Stevia extract
a) Steviosides: 90%, 95%, 98%
b) Rebaudioside A(Reb A or RA) : 40%, 60%, 80%
c) Non-bitter stevioside(Enzyme treated stevia, Glucosyl stevioside)
2. Stevia leaf
3. Stevia leaf powder

Chlorophyll is extracted from silkworm feces. The products are as follows:
1. Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin
2. Sodium Zinc Chlorophyllin
3. Sodium Iron Chlorophyllin
4. Sodium Magnesium Chlorophyllin
5. Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Cream
6. Sodium Chlorophyllin
7. Chlorophyll Paste
8. Oil-soluble Chlorophyll