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APPLICATIONS: This equipment mainly production variety of different specifications of the sticky board, such as Sticky Mouse board, sticky fly boards and so on. With High-precision coating glue gun, coating fast, gule out stability, position accuracy, high precision, simple operation and so on. The material adopts Reel paper, production processes: automatic release roll ------automatic indentation------automatic coating glue------automatic folding(automatic compound) -------- automatic slitting--------automatic admission materials.

Product Features:
1. The equipment by the two-way production(that is, two board) at the same time, the normal speed of 2400 sheet / h, it can controlled by motor;
2. 1 ~ 2 person operation, paperless automatic shutdown;
3. It can production two products at the same time, can compatible small mice boards, Boutique boards, sticky fly paper. . . no matter thick or thin, large or small cardboard manufacturing;
4. It can automatic put into the paper , also can manually put into the paper;
5. It can through add spare parts to expand the funtion of automatic put into button or extend Conveyor belt Facilitate manual packaging
6. Photoelectric switch combination control system and automatic tracking system control led at the same time to ensure accurate tracking and broken glue
7. Special cylinder mention guns, every piece of paper coated finished, glue gun automatic raise, so that uniform coating, non-tailing;
8. The part of this electrical equipment such as cylinder, motor speed control, solenoid valve components adopt imported products to ensure the quality.
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