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It adopts Italian technology and the development of a new stirring mill, it was designed to material mixing, It is the advantage of mix more food, the temperature rising less, it has excellent adaptability to materials, Because mixing in sealed condition, can greatly reduce the material loss and environmental pollution, but also greatly improve the working environment.
The driver adopts stepless speed regulation, the parameters in the scope of arbitrary adjustable control, PLC program control, use very convenient and flexible. The key of equipment is parts imported components, Ensure the equipment reliability and stability.
This equipment is suitable to the medicine, food and chemical industry, This is only production in China, there are now part of imported products.
1 multidimensional impeller for most materials (liquid, powder, paste) stir, standard
2 scattered impeller for most materials (powder, paste ) stir, standard
3 profile scraping edge clearance for mixing in a mixing barrel attached on the wall material, standard
4 cagelike impeller in a particular material (liquid or part of the paste) stir, choose configuration
To adapt to the needs of different users, this type stirring mill have several alternative, but the price is different with the basic configuration,
Heating and cooling function in different seasons, vary with the environment temperature and Materials
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