Sell Stretch Wrapping Machine

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Pre-stretch: Tension range 0-250% to save film material.
No limit speed shift: Soft start and stop to prevent product from dropping
Partial strengthen: Switch packing design to make fastest packing speed for different products
Turntable orientation: Turntable positions automatically to ensure positioning accuracy
Self-protection switch: When plant is in abnormity, the film carriage reach the top or bottom to protect from collision.
Photocell device: The height of packing product is detected by sensor to track best packing height for each product.
Tension control: A mechanical flexible braking is applied for film tension control to get perfect protection for product.
Break film automatically: Break film automatically to save time after finish packing (Weight should exceed 250KGS)

Special design (1) : 12 rollers to be 2 groups in certain angle to uphold steadily and run smoothly.
Special design (2) : Adopt mighty belt in replacement of chain for conveying to reduce noise and eliminate potential trouble caused by chains break, patent buckle design ensure safety of film carriage.
Special design (3) : Traditional hatch is ahead and easy trip by touch and the weight is always in the back, so we make the hatch in the back convenient for moving
Special design (4) : Chassis is in integrative U model and close to the turntable , So the equipment will not be damaged because of the film jammed in the turntable
Special design (5) : Integrative arch design for pillar perfect the design and facility enfolding design make personal installation come true and make it safe to move and install.
Special design (6) : Electric parts are original imported and equipped with aero socket, easy for maintenance.
Special design (7) : Optional mechanical and electromagnetic film carriage, remote-control device pulley ramp available.

Technical Parameter:
Model No. YP-8856R
Turntable diameter 1500mm/1650mm/1800mm
Max. Wrapping height 2000mm/2200/2400
Max. Wrapping area 1300x1300mm
Max. Wrapping weight 2000Kges
Turntable speed 0-13m/min
Film elevation speed 0-13
Film width 20
Motor Turntable 1HP
Elevator 1/2HP
Machine dimensions 2650x1500x2450mm
Weight 500Kg
Film tension control YUANPACK pre-stretch tension control
Brand Name
Available Colors
red and blue
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C
Terms of Sale