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This machine mainly uses in producing the unidirectional stretch polyethylene plastic thin film (stretch membrane, twines membrane) as well as fresh film the production. By the main engine, the auxiliary engine and the electricity control three parts to be composed. Characteristic:

1. The T die head uses the special pair of throttle to design, high speed causes the membrane material thickness to be more accurate.

2. The screw rod uses the special mixture function and the high plastic ability design, causes a material grain of melting, the luster evenly to push firmly the output to advance.

3. Warm controls uses the advanced automatic control system, but accurately controls the plasticzion process, adjustment membrane material thickness and smooth.

4. The membrane material thickness control uses the screw rod adjustment and the frequency conversion velocity modulation tows, but accuracy control plate thickness.

5. Chilling rolls diameter 370mm and the double return route cooling system, coordinates the microcomputer mold warm control machine accuracy control chilling rolls temperature, smoothly causes the membrane material, thickness to be even.