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Shoshana Metal Ltd. , founded in 1952, is the Israeli leading manufacturer of Folding Stretchers, complying with the Israeli Military's stringent standards. We develop, manufacture and market the EMS-Compact, our flagship state-of-the-art 8 fold stretcher, which is the lightest most compact and flexible stretcher available in the EMS market today. The EMS-Compact weighs only 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs) and it folds into an amazingly small 50 cm (19.7 ins) in height, so that it slips neatly into its matching backpack case!!

When every second matters and emergency personnel have an increasingly heavy load to carry, you can count on the EMS-Compact to allow them to get on with the job of saving lives!

The EMS-Compact meets all international standards. Its both an ideal battlefield stretcher and a perfect stretcher for the whole range of EMS sectors, including Rescue and Evacuation organizations; Disaster Management; Red Cross; Fire Departments; Police; The UN; The Industry, and more. We have appointed distributors in the USA, Europe, the Far East, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

We recently finished developing our new model  A Chemical Resistant Stretcher, designated for NBC warfare. The features of the new stretcher are based on technical specifications we received from the US Military:

We made it a much stronger stretcher by using 3 mm. aluminum tubes instead of 2 mm tubes, so that the weight load capacity is now about 350 kg instead of 150 kg according to the international standards, while the weight of the stretcher, though increased, is still only 5.5 kg.

After an intensive worldwide market research, we found the best chemical resistant mesh fabric suitable for our application - the Polyetheretherketone, which has a superb chemical resistance for decontamination when exposed to body fluids, industrial chemicals, and NBC warfare agents; excellent melting point at 633F; and a very good abrasion resistance.

Straps  we now offer you the possibility of adding removable and adjustable straps.

Our Emergency line of products also includes the following:

Standard 4 fold Stretcher - the lightest of its kind  only 4.2 kg (9.25 lbs) !

Back Pack  suited for the EMS-Compact.

Folding Aluminum Cot - tarpaulin fabric. We offer wide range of sizes and colors

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