Sell Striking artisan stand up Puzzle.

Striking artisan stand up Puzzle. You May Also Be Interested In: animal figures stand up vintage cars zodiac
If you are looking for a new gift idea which 'nobody else has', why not look at our 'ARTISAN CRAFTED STAND UP PUZZLES'. Produced in Venezuala by hand by precision craftsmen we would like to present this idea to you for your 2005 gift collection portfolio. Presently we are able to offer you a range of over 130 Animal Figures in amazing colors and styles. You and your clients will be very surprised by the beauty of this product.
Also, we are capable of producing your product designs such as vintage cars, formula one cars, motorcycles, zodiac signs, etc, etc, to your size and specifications.
All designs come in puzzle form and are suited as aesthetic gifts for the home or office. This product is collectable as sets and we envisage clients coming back time after time to buy more.
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