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String Wound Filter Cartridge Series

General Introduction

Shanghai Minipore String wound filter cartridges, with textile fiber yarn of PP, absorbent cotton and glass fiber wound by special pattern onto polypropylene, stainless steel or tin steel core, are used for depth filtration of liquid media where it has low viscosity and a little impurity. The cartridges are mainly used and applied for the water filtration such as for daily life, food and beverage industry, electroplating solution, chemical lotion, oil and painting etc.

A. Cartridges can be made of various materials in order to meet a variety of filtration needs for different liquids or environment.
B. Because the yarn wound loose outside tight inside of the cartridge with different density so that is sure of good deep filtering effect.
C. Small Pressure-drop, big pollutant carrying capacity can effectively remove the suspended solids in the liquid such as small particles etc. D. The wider range concerning with the filtration precision, the more suitable to various environment places and fields.
E . Compared with the similar cartridge the filter service can be extended 1/3 longer time.

Widely used for drinking water filtration and purification and pre-filtering such as R. O infiltration machine;
pharmaceutical use of sterile water, purified water pre- filtration processing;
and for beverages, winery, edible oil manufacture, all kinds of serous filtration;
chemical raw materials, organic solvents filtration ;
glue, latex and ordinary glue manufacturing filtration;
machinery oil. cutting oil, industrial water, electronic fields, electroplating liquid filtration;
pool water cleaning and pre-filtration treatment; water injection filtration for oilfield wells; and pre-filtration water treatment for iron and steel industry and power plants.
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