Sell Stroboscope  DT-2350 tachometer meter

Stroboscope  DT-2350 tachometer meter You May Also Be Interested In: stroboscope tachometer
Any case to measure the rotational speed of a rotating object and to inspect the defect on its surface without te need to adhere any mark to reflect the light, and thereby without the need to halt the objecet from its rotation. DT-2350A, DT-2350B, DT-2350C, DT-2350D.
Product synopsis
Stroboscope DT-2350
Measurement range: 0-12000 0-40000 0-20000 0-30000
Accuracy: 1(0.05%n+1d)
ranges: H. M. L
Flash adjust: coarse and fine
Flash tube lifetime: million times
Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1
Power supply: AC 220V default
AC 110V optional
Dimensions: 220x125x125mm
Weight: 680g