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Measurement Range: A: 50~12000FPM
B: 50~40000 FPM
C: 50~20000 FPM
D: 50~30000 FPM
E: 50~2000 FPM (fit for print and textile)
Display: 5 10mmLED
Accaracy: 1 (0.05%n+1d)
Resolution: 0.1 FPM ( Less 1000 FPM)
1 FPM (Over 1000 FPM)
Sampling time: 0.3second
2 ranges: H, L (High, Low )
Flash adjust: Coarse adjustment, fine adjustment , W2 and w2 for fast check
Triggering Mode: Interior/Exterior
Temperature: 0~400
Humidity: Less than 85%RH