Sell Strong Aluminum Alloy Trolling Reel

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HS 15W-100W series adopt The strong Aluminum alloy trolling reel is adaptable for rigorous conditions. The Body Assembly and Side Cover are forged by special aluminum alloy which is equal to aero materials. The forged Spool Assembly is antacid and antalkaline. The material of gears is made of stainless steel. The exterior parts and other accessories are manufactured by high standards and controlling the tolerance of all parts strictly according design, which insure all parts to work smoothly and stably. The product can endure over 50 pounds braking power and not be destroyed at all.
HS series adopt the design of new-style adjusted click button. The shape looks beautiful, and it is high applicability. The strong Handle Arm Assembly and humanistic designed Handle make users operate and control smoothly. The material of braking is imported carbon-fiber, which makes braking smooth and not be suffocated.
* Specially cold-forged aluminum alloy material, exact lathe cutting anode (Body Assembly, Right and Left side cover, Spool Assembly)
* Preventing retroversion by double-side bird-slice
* High capabilities and low noises of stainless-steel ball bearings
* Stainless-steel Handle Arm Assembly
* Aluminum alloy Handle
* Importing carbon-fiber braking slice
* Stainless-steel Body Assembly Bracket
* Shifting gears design similar to engineering
* Streamline Body Assembly, looking beautiful and feeling portable