Sell Strontium

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Strontium carbonate is a kind of nonpoisonous and tasteless white powdery crystal. Its molecular formula is SrCO3 and its molecular weight, density and melting point is 147.23, 3.7 and 1479 o respectively. The main products of our company include: powdery strontium carbonate, dry granular strontium carbonate and wet granular strontium carbonate.

Strontium nitrate is a kind of colorless or white shafting crystal with a relative density of 2.986 and a melting point of 570o. It is easy to dissolve in water and liquid ammonia, and can slightly dissolve in absolute ethyl alcohol and acetone. When heated, it will decompose and give off oxygen. When further heated, the strontium nitrite produced will give off nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide and at last turn into strontia.
Strontium nitrate is slao a product of our company.