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ACSI Turnkey Technology Transfer Program

The Turnkey Technology Transfer Program package includes:
- Complete factory equipment for production of SIPS
- Supplies and semi-processed materials for the perimeter walls and roof panels, along with the basic structural framing package for two pre-approved structures
- Equipment needed for wood framing construction
- Thirty (30) days of on-site training of the production and installation crews by Dr. Hancock and Tim Grollimund
- Assistance with SIPS installation on the 2 pre-approved structures

The basic infrastructure needed by your Company will be:
- The prepaid US$450,000.00 fee
- A minimum of 450 square meters secure and insured factory space with room for future expansion as warranted
- Steady electrical service with adequate overhead lighting & ventilation
- Appropriate height loading docks with minimum 3.0 meters wide lockable dock door(s)
- Both hot and cold potable water
- Forklift with adjustable forks capable of carrying one (1) metric ton of extended weight
- Trainable factory workers and construction crew(s) of at least four people each should be available upon the first day of factory installation, manufacturing, and construction within 15 days of the factory's commissioning

Such manufacturing space can be subleased or rented warehouse space or shared with a trusted second party. A notarized and verified lease or rental agreement must be submitted for review by ACSI and an identified bank officer in the appropriate correspondent bank of SunTrust Bank, Richmond, Virginia USA. A newly constructed building is not needed. The purpose for using such existing leased or rented warehouse or manufacturing space is to greatly reduce the initial capital and time needed to commence manufacturing and construction operations. A mutual goal is to have your new manufacturing facility operational within 60 days and construction of your first ACSI pre-approved structure within 90 days of the contract signing where possible. Such secure production space, electrical service, lighting, forklift, potable water, and other infrastructure needs must be pre-approved by ACSI before final signing of the Turnkey Technology Transfer Program contract.

There are no raw materials used in the manufacture of ACS-SIPS. All products are semi-processed and must be internationally tested and certified materials. Oriented strand board (OSB) and structural extruded polystyrene (SPS) may be available locally in your market. Samples and test analysis by a nationally recognized testing body will be required to be submitted to ACSI before the final signing of the Turnkey Program Technology Transfer contract for locally-sourced materials. Two materials, which are unique to the ACS-SIPS panelized systems, are its patented polymer and the perimeter wall's inside finished sheathing "FIBERBOND". The semi-finished material comparable to FIBERBOND may be available from within your local market or may need to be imported from the United States. If a
suitable substitute for FIBERBOND is available within your local market, and pre-approved by ACSI, it does not need to be imported. The patented polymer must be imported through

ACSI from the United States. We will work with you to identify local sources of materials to help lower your overall production costs.

We believe all business ventures should be beneficial for all parties involved. Clients who rely upon the word and actions of the suppliers should be the party with the greatest benefit. Dr. Hancock and I will do all possible to make your venture as successful, growth oriented, and profitable as you will allow.

We look forward to working with you to bring this technology to production.

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