Sell Structural adhesives TS300 series

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Tightsen structural adhesives have excellent tensile, shear and peel strength combined with maximum impact, stress and vibration resistance. Mainly used for bonding metals, glass, ceramics, ferrites and so on.
TS312 Structural adhesive
Low viscosity, high strength, resistant to impact, vibration and solvent.
Fast curing, gaps fill up to 0.13mm.
For bonding metals, glass, ceramics where fast fixturing is required between

TS319 Structural adhesive
Low viscosity, good flowable, fast curing, solvent resistance.
Suitable for rigid materials (e. g. metals, glass, ceramics and so on) .

TS324 Structural adhesive
Bonding most materials, can be used with activator TS7649.
Suitable for larger gap fill.
Rigid, flexible, excellent solvent resistance.

TS326 Structural adhesive
Bonding rigid materials, e. g. bonding ferrites to plated materials in electric motors, loudspeakers etc. . Can be used with activator.