Sell Structured Collateral Finance

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Some unique & new procedures for financing business expansion projects

There are two ways to approach this:

1. Collateral Only  we will provide the collateral  the Business Owner will have to find the lender  the process is explained in the SLS Loans file.

2. Collateral plus lender  we provide everything as explained in CD Structured finance file.

We organize the collateral ourselves - there are no guarantees needed. These type of loans are best for expansion requirements with a min of USD3.5 million dollars. {The loans are in U. S. Dollars only}. The proposal will include details on the mode of repayment. A 10 year loan and lower than market interest rates (The effective interest rates are market driven; however they will be lower than the standard Libor plus rates quoted by most financial Institutions for a similar loan type) . We usually can conclude within 90 days (The typical time frame, 3-4 weeks are needed to get collateral, about 4 weeks are required for the loan to be structured & 2-3 final weeks to get all the documentation signed) . Our principals have a 100% success track record (This is a literal fact) . Every transaction (even larger amounts) has been fruitfully executed. The group has structured and finalized many such deals.

The upfront fees are for the structuring process  there are real expenses involved and that is
the simple explanation. We cannot undertake the effort without this input. Collateral
commitments, legal documentation etc; do not come free and such costs cannot be underwritten.

We are not dealing with venture capital  this is a structured finance procedure and that is the main reason there are initial costs and expenses. My associate will give assurances in terms of legality, professional conduct and integrity, and responsibility to achieve a successful close. I believe this is a reasonable expectation and that is what my Group will work towards. Our objective is to get the client financed  the credibility of my Group depends on it.

Perhaps you can break down & list financing of your project that has some commercial viability
 some earning potential. If you can revert with some suggestions I will get back to you with the
possible procedures.

Procedures will depend on the project.