Sell Studio Flash (ST Series)

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It's sophisticated circuity delivers fast recycling time, a very fast flash duration, output accuracy and total color consistency. In short, the ST is an exceptional flash unit that can prove ideal for portrait shoots.

1. Operating Voltage:130-250V. With its sophisticated circuitry. The ST adjusts capacitor performance to ensure complete output accuracy and consistency, retaining a color temperature 5600K1300K.
2. Very fast recycling. Ready light indication 100% charge. Audible recharge confirmation. Intermittent modeling mode extinguishes modeling lamp when the flash is fired and turns it back on again when the flash is 100% recycled. This provides a visual indication that the flash has been successfully triggered and recycled.
3. Five position modeling lamp settings:off, on at 100% brightness, in proportion to the flash power selected, intermittent modeling mode, persistant brightness.
4. Sensitivity and safety with low voltage operation of 12V making it ideal for use with sensitive digital cameras.
5. To trigger the flash:light, sync cord, manually, radio remote control.
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