Sell Stuffed Vine Leaves

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We produce every kind caaned foods according to HACCP food qualitystandard. Our products are so quality. Our packaging is aluminium. We have two type pakkcaging of stuffed vine leaves which are 2 Kg. and 400gr.

2 Kg. Stuffed Vine Leaves Details:

Net Weight:2000 gr.

Drained Weight:1700 gr.

Items Per C. Box:6 pcs.

Packing weight:15 Kg.

Size of C. Box:465mm*315mm*125mm

400gr. Stuffed Vine Leaves Details:

Net Weight:400 gr.

Drained Weight:300 gr.

Items Per C. Box:12 pcs.

Packing weight:5,7 Kg.

Size of C. Box:325mm*210mm*150mm


Calories:141 Kcal / 590 KJ

Total Fat:7.12 g

Saturadet Fat:0.77 g

Cholesterol:0 mg

Protein:2.96 g

Total Carbonhydrate:16.93 g