Sell Submersible pressure transmitter LDD1100

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(1) precision output, the precision is 0.1% FSO (100~200) ; 0.3% FSO(00~300)
(2) figure output, read the pressure value directly read distinguish rate 1cm
(3) temp digital output, accuracy is more or less than20, read distinguish rate 10
(4) support RS485 twisted-pair network, can connect 32 LDD series transmitters
(5) Low dissipation. The static current is 8mA, voltage is 11V~24V.
(6) inside MCU, exact non-linearity, zero and sensitive compensate
(7) Support RS485 twisted-pair network, two communications offer (BPS) : 1200, 9600.
(8) Refurbish cycle: 100 MSEL