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Waterlevel automatic control with electronic protection: turn the micro switch on the upper part of main circuit board to "right "--water level automatic control status. Then. turn the main switch on the faceplate to "left "--electronic protection status.
(2) Manual control with electronic protection: turn the micro switchette on the main circuit board to "left"--manual control status, the main switch on the faceplate remains at" left" position.
(3) Relay protection: turn the main switch on the faceplate to "right". Thus the maincircuit board is out of function.
(4) Electronic protection should be used first.
(5) Test phase vacancy and overloading:
On the lower right part of the main circuit board there are four micro buttons, which the top one is overloading test button, the 1ower three are phase vacancy test buttons. If the pump is working normally, press anyone of the four buttons fixedly, the automatic switch in the box will be automatically cut off within 5 seconds and self-locked. This indicates the protection function is OK. Each time after the switch is turned off, reset it first, turn the main switch to "stop" position, and wait for l5 seconds, the machine can be turned on again.
7 Notice:
(1) Relay protection will function whenever a function has been chosen, but because itssensitivity is lower than electronic protection, electronic protection wil1 be a top
priority ensuring double protection.
(2) 15 seconds will be required if restarting the machine when using electronic protection. Otherwise the "Memory" function will work, resulting in false overloading protection and the machine will be stopped. This is not a fault. Stop the machine for l5 seconds, and then restart it, everything wil1 be ok.
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