Sell Sucralose(First got the GMA-SAFE certificate as chinese manufacturer)

Sucralose(First got the GMA-SAFE certificate as chinese manufacturer) You May Also Be Interested In: natural sugar sucralose world health
Sucralose is one of the most excellent sweeteners with the highest sweetness so far. It is firstly researched and reported by the British cooperation. After a series of strict experiments for about 10 years on pharmacology, toxicology, physiological physics and chemistry, it has been proved to be absolutely secure for human being. In 1990, with the name of Sucra-lose, this artificial sugar had got the approval from UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) and it could be sold worldwide from then on.
Sausage The natural sugar-like sweetness of Sucralose can be used to make rich, tasty sausages, drawing out the meatiness and accentuating herbal and spicy flavors. As Sucralose is a high intensity sweetener, very small levels of addition are necessary to benefit from its advantages. Additionally, both resistant to heat in acidic to neutral conditions and stable throughout prolonged storage, Sucralose will not be broken down or deteriorate in quality from heat sterilization during the production process.
Our Products meet the requirement of FCCV , USP30 , E955 and Japanese Standard . Moveover ,
the Kosher and Halal Certificates have also been got!
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