Sell Sucralose Tablets and Sachets

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companies in a dispenser pack of 100 tablets in a container as well as a combo pack of 300 tablets. Each Sucralose tablet contains about 6mg of sucralose per 100mg.

Packing offered can be customized depending on the requirement of different companies. We can offer bulk packs, dispenser packs of 100 or more or less tablet pack with front and back sticker label duly blistered on a printed inlay card
Sucralose Sachets, the second variant of sucralose forms the Sucralose Sachets of 0.5gm and 1gm. Each 0.5gm sachet is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar in sweetness while each 1gm sachet is equivalent to 2 teaspoon of sugar in sweetness respectively.

Each sachet is made up of a glassine poly laminated foil that is printed in multiple colors as per requirements given. India Foods offers customized packing solutions interms of sachet colors selection or text in different or multiple language printing options. Sachets can be packed in a carton of 25, 50,100 or bulk pack of 500 sachets.

The third variant of Sucralose are the granules that are used for cooking and baking various sugar free products. As sucralose is very stable at high temperatures, its use in the baking industry is vast.
India Foods currently offers 200gms, 500gms and 1kg packs for granules that are commonly used in house-hold as well as for commercial usages.

India Foods offers customized packing in terms of dispenser selection or bulk supply along with different or multiple language printing opti