Sell Sugar ICUMSA 45

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Specification Sparkling White Refined Cane Sugar
Polarity at @20 degree cent: 99.80 Min
Sulphate & Ash Content: 0.04% Max
Moisture: 0.04% Max
Solubility: 100% Dry and Free Flowing
Granulation: Fine
Color: Sparkling White
SO2: 20 PPM
Radiation: Normal-Certified w/o presence of cesium or iodine
Year: 2006
Sediments: None
Smell: Free from any smell and all pathogens; staph Aureaus

The product will be packed in net 50 kg(fifty kilograms) new polypropylene bags with polyethylene lining. The bags have a combined tare of 100 GM (one hundred grams) and are sufficient to ensure the safe arrival of product to destination.

Spot deals ranging from 25,000MT - 100,000MT Spot

Contracts also available:

1,500,000 MT (100,000MT/mo) x 15 months $195.00 CIF