Sell Sugar Icumsa 45 from Brazil

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SUGAR ICUMSA 45 Quantity: 5.000.000 (Five Million) MT Target Price USD200,00/MT
Payment: By SBLC/BG Fully Funded, Irrevocable, unrestricted, in transferable, divisible, assignable, confirmed, allowing T. T. / telex reimbursement payable at sight opened through any World Prime Bank having rating of 1 to 50, acceptable at seller's bank.
Packing: 50 Kg new polypropylene bags.
Survey: SGS or any International Surveyor on Seller's expense and certificate on weight and Quantity will have to be provided as part of the delivered documents to be presented for negotiation of the bank financial instrument.
9-Specification: At silo/warehouse a representative of SGS or any International Surveyor will confirm and certify that 100% of SUGAR ICUMSA 45is:
 Polarization: 99.8% minimum
 Moisture: 0.04% maximum
 Sulphated Ash content: 0.04% maximum
 Granulation: Fine
 Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing
 Radiation - normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine, certified
 Color: Sparkling white. Maximum 45 ICUMSA attenuation index unit (ICUMSA method no: 4-1978)
 Sediment: none
 Smell: free of any odor
 Crop: Latest

 Reducing sugar: 0.05% maximum by weight
 SO2: 70 mg/kg maximum
 Substance: Solid, crystal
 Magnetic particles: 4 mg/kg maximum
 MAX AS: 1 ppm
 MAX PS: 2 ppm
 MAX CU: 3 ppm
1. Buyer submits LOI & RWA with full banking coordinates;
2. Seller and Buyer sign a NCND agreement between parties;
3. Seller issues and submits draft contract to Buyer and both parties resolve issues through friendly communication.
4. The Buyer signs contract and returns to seller via fax. This facsimile copy will be considered the original.
5. Seller issues final signed and sealed contract to buyer and authorize a SWIFT by Seller's Bank, confirming the existence and custody of the original documentation of the product existence (within 3 banking days, after signed contract) , as well as that it will be transferred to name of buyer against the approval of two (2) Standby Letter of Credit - payment against transfer of names Bank to Bank.