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We are selling Sugar Icumsa 45 from Brazil.

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Commodity White Cane Sugar Icumsa 45
Polarity at 20 Deg. Centigrade 99.80 Min.
ASH Content 0.04% Max.
Moisture 0.04% Max.
Solubility 100.0% DRT and free flowing.
Granulation Fine.
ICUMSA Max. 45 ICUMSA, Attenuation Index Units method no: 4-1978)
Sediments: None
Color Sparking White
Crop 2006/2007
Magnetic Particles mg/k 4.
SO mg/kg 20.
Radiation Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine: certified
Smell Free of any smell
Reducing Sugar 0.05% max
Substance Solid, Crystal max
Max AS 1 p. p. m
Max OS 2 p. p. m. MAX CU: 3 p. p. m. :
Max CU 3 p. p. m.

Poisonous seed / husks:Phytosanitary Certificate of no radiation, no virus, no insect parts, no poisonous matter and non genetic and is suitable for human consumption.

Soft offer:

12,500mt 342usd per MT
25,000mt 332usd per MT
50,000mt 322usd per MT
100,000mt 312usd per MT
200,000mt 298usd per MT
300,000mt 282usd per MT
400,000mt 272usd per MT
500,000mt 262usd per MT
1.000,000mt 242usd per MT
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Minimum Order Quantity
12500 MT
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