Sell Sugar Icumsa 45

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Sugar Icumsa 45.
Polarization: 99,8% Min.
Ash Content: 0,04% Max
Moisture: 0,04% Max
Solubility: 100% Free Flowing
Color: Sparkling White
Granulatio: Fine/Medium/Standard
Radiation: Normal
Inspection: SGS or equal
Performance Bond: 2%

Payment Descriptions:

FFSBLC: By Irrevocable, Transferable, Conffirmed, Unconditional, Fully Funded.
Standby Letter Of Credit (FFSBLC) for Total Amount.
BG 100% Bank Guarantee 100% (Will be to the end of the Contract)
Irrevocably and Unconditionally Top 50 Word Bank for Total Amount.

FFDLC: By Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, Unconditional, and Fully Funded Letter Of Credit 100% at sight

Direct representing agent.
Different amounts
Amounts of Spot
Consult his restlessness