Sell Sugar Icusma 45 to Sell!

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Refined white sugar icusma 45 rbu*

*specifications: *

Origin: Brazil icusma: Max 45 grade a

Polarization: Min 99.80%

Solubility:100% dry free flowing

Moisture:0.04% maximum

Odour: Free

Ash content:0.04% maximum

Granulation: Medium to fine

Color: White

Radiation: Normal without presence of cesium or iodine

So: Mg/kg 20

Magnetic particles: Mg/kg 4

Sediments: None

Smell: Free of any smell

Reducing sugar:0.05%max

Substance: Solid, crystal, max

Max as:1 p. P. M

Max os:2 p. P. M

Hpn staph aureus: Nil

Packing:50 kg. Double brown pp/jute bags

Quantity: Up to 12 million mt

Deliveries: Prompt simultaneous shipments 35-55 after operating l/c.
Price: According to the quantity required and payment terms offered

Incoterms:2000 cif awsp

Payment termss:100% bg/ffsblc/irrevocable, confirmed, transferable (or
Non- transferable) , assignable, devisable, unconditional,100% payment at
Sight after presentation of shipping documents, ffdlc or ffrdlc by world
Top 50 banks.

Performance bond guarantee:2 %

Inspection: Sgs or equivalent on seller's account, however, the buyer shall, if desired, and at his own expense provide additional inspection at port of loading to confirm loading.

*procedures: *

Primary documentation. Loi +rwa or bcl

*loi & bcl must be as per format provide by us. *

1. . *buyer issues loi+rwa or bcl information with authorization to verify funds; buyer's finance capability will be verified prior to fco.

*loi must have details of the desired commodity, quantities, quantities-per-shipment, type, exact specifications (if known by buyer beforehand) , delivery terms, conditions, packaging information, destination port, destination port discharge rate, **target price**, payment type (and any & all other details necessary to ensure prompt and secure shipment & delivery to world ports for import into a specific country and/destination. )

2. . *seller send fco and draft contract *

3. . Buyer receive fco & draft contract signed and sealed, and it attaches the copy of the passport of the person that represents the company and the constitution of the company

4. . Buyer receives the draft contract by exchanging it by facsimile or email attachment, duly signed and sealed. The draft copy will be deemed legal
Until hard copies are exchanged. This will not delay the buyer in the delivery of the letter of credit.

5. . *buyer signs and seals back the draft contract* not later than 3 banking days from the date of receipt of the said contract. Seller and buyer sign
The contract and have it notarized.

6. . *buyer/seller shall thereafter within two (2) banking days, *