Sell Sujok (Su jok) Acupressure Therapy Kit

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Su jok (Sujok) Therapy Kit Contains:-

Sujok Ring 1 pc
Sujok Thumb 1pc
Sujok Brass Jimmy tool 1pc
Sujok Wooden pen jimmy 1pc
Sujok Roller 1 pc

Su Jok is a general term describing a new system of treatment, comprising a variety of methods of stimulating only the hands and feet using the fingers, a rounded object, seeds or where advanced Su Jok is concerned, with needles. "

The principle behind Su Jok is that there is a continuous flow of energy in all of us. This energy flows in a very systematic and uniformed manner. "Su Jok's aim is to balance the of imbalance energy in the body . . . the tissues, the cells and the organs. " Advanced Su Jok uses needles to balance the energy and it is called Six Ki treatment which harmonises energy on the physical, emotional and even the Chakra plane.

Su Jok therapy is two dimensional. "It works on the physical dimension and the other on the metaphysical dimension. The best part of Su Jok is that, unlike other acupressure and acupuncture therapies, where one requires to learn the corresponding nerve points and then practice under professional guidance. In SU Jok therapy all the nerve points of the body are located specifically on the hands and feet. The most important point to be kept in mind is that all these points are located on both hands and feet so that the entire treatment can be done by locating the points on just one hand or foot.

The inventor of SuJok is Professor Park Jae Woo, an eminent scholar of Oriental medicine, has combined his ideas obtained from a long period of clinical practice and scientific knowledge. He is the innovator who has discovered and systematised the independent curing systems of miniature body correspondence in the hands and feet.

As mentioned, the remarkable feature of Su Jok is astonishing simplicity. The only thing is that the corresponding nerve points as per Su Jok and the actual affected area should match on each and every occasion. After a little practice your fingers move automatically to the corresponding point and bingo, you can start applying the pressure.

After a particular time of working at one's own skills, it takes a few seconds to identify the problematic point. In fact having tried a number of experiments, I have seen that SuJok therapy is accurate and effective. And if a health problem is of recent origin, say a stomach ache, pain due to a recent accident, sprain etc.

Su Jok gives virtually instant relief. Where spinal chord and other chronic problems are concerned, SuJok, if done systemetically, certainly gives relief.
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